Critically-acclaimed director Esther Bell¹s much-anticipated second film, EXIST will make its world premiere at the prestigious 33rd Annual
Rotterdam International Film Festival this month. EXIST, Bell¹s first feature since GODASS (Showtime 2001), will be showcased as part of
Rotterdam¹s bold Homefront USA film series that will run the duration of theFestival.

EXIST, which will play alongside such films as Gus Van Sant's ELEPHANT and Jonathan Demme¹s, THE AGRONOMIST, tells the story of two young men
who take the ultimate stand for what they believe, and a culture of revolution that defines itself by what it stands against. The film is set against the
ultra-current backdrop of the resurgent protest movement in the United States and is a balanced, poetically intimate look at a "different", dissenting' America.

Director Esther Bell has never shied away from articulating the complexities of her political convictions through cinema. In 2001, Bell founded the Unamerican Film Festival to highlight features and documentaries that Showed sides of the United States neglected by its mainstream media and culture. Since then, film festivals and universities across the country and around the world have invited Bell to present her unique series celebrating the freedom of protest which is at America's Constitutional core. Along with EXIST, the organizers of Rotterdam will present Bell's Unamerican Festival in conjunction with their own Homefront USA.

EXIST, which unveils an exciting cast of newcomers Ben Bartlett and Nic Mevoli along with Tunde Adebimpe (Jump Tomorrow), is a joint production
of two New York-based independent film companies, Intrinsic Value and Merlion Entertainment. Intrinsic Value, headed by Isen Robbins and
Aimee Schoof, is the successful production team behind such films as XX/XY with Mark Ruffalo,THE WOODCUTTER, starring Danny Glover, Linda Hamilton,
also SHOOTING LIVIEN, starring Jason Behr, Dominic Monaghan, Sarah Wynter, AllySheedy, Joshua Leonard and BROTHER TO BROTHER, which will premiere at this month¹s Sundance Film Festival and. Berlin International Film Fest.
Merlion Entertainment recently wrapped production on its follow-up to EXIST, a boundary-breaking psychosexual thriller entitled NIGHTMARE.
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Press contact:
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Aimee Schoof

Screen times at Rotterdam film festival for
Press screening at Sunday Jan 25 15:30 Venster 4

Jan 28 17.45 5:45pm Pathe 2 Theater

Jan 30 13.15 1:15pm Pathe 2 Theater

Jan 31 17.45 5:45pm Lanteren 2 Theater

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