• The Last Thing Mary Saw 2020

    In the Spring of 1840, a family gathers in their old, isolated farm house to mourn the loss of their matriarch. As the mourning proceeds, the […]
  • Tesla (2020)

    A freewheeling take on visionary inventor Nikola Tesla, his interactions with Thomas Edison and J.P. Morgan’s daughter Anne, and his breakthroughs in transmitting electrical power and […]
  • 7 Splinters in Time (2018)

    A detective investigates a murder, only to find that the victim is… himself. Soon, he discovers multiple versions of himself, not all of them friendly. Watch […]
  • Mighty Ground (2018)

    MIGHTY GROUND follows the journey of Ronald Troy Collins, a gifted songwriter living on the streets of Skid Row, and the impact he makes on those who come to love him.
  • American Satan (2017)

      A young rock band move to the Sunset Strip to chase their dreams of becoming Rock and Roll legends and get more than they bargained […]
  • The Truth About Lies (2017)

    Gilby finds himself in a tangled web of lies when the truth proves to be too much to admit and even harder to accept. Rent/Buy on […]
  • Experimenter (2016)

    CLICK HERE FOR AMAZON Stanley Milgram (Peter Sarsgaard) conducts an experiment in which people think they’re delivering electric shocks to strangers. Ignoring pleas for mercy, most […]
  • Blue Caprice (2013)

    Watch Now Rent/Buy on Amazon An abandoned boy is lured to America and drawn into the shadow of a dangerous father figure. Inspired by the real […]
  • RUN (2013)

    Watch Now Rent/Buy on Amazon RUN is a fast-paced, action/thriller, which centers on a street smart, 17-year-old named Daniel who practices Parkour and is both hero […]
  • Shockwave (2016)

    Watch with Prime From the wreckage of a troop transport, five soldiers are stranded on the dark side of the moon behind enemy lines. They begin […]
  • XX/XY (2002)

    On Disc Rent/Buy on Amazon Three friends begin a dangerous three-way relationship that spirals out of control, leading to dire consequences that haunt them ten years […]
  • Niko: Journey to Magika (2014)

    When Niko visits his grandparents in the Philippines for the summer, he knew he would be exposed to a different culture. What he didn’t expect, was […]
  • California Winter (2012)

    Watch Now Rent/Buy on Amazon WATCH NOW Young real estate agent Clara Morales encouraged risky loans to her clients during the housing boom. She must now rescue […]
  • Gabi on the Roof in July (2010)

    An ambitious painter on the verge of a big break confronts his moral decay when his idealist, hell-raising, younger sister comes to stay with him in […]
  • The Skeptic (2009)

    A lawyer who doesn’t believe in ghosts is haunted after moving into a family mansion. Watch Now Rent/Buy on Amazon Director: Tennyson Bardwell Writer: Tennyson Bardwell […]
  • The Alphabet Killer (2008)

    Watch Now Rent/Buy on Amazon ON DISC Based on the true story of the double initial killings in Rochester, NY. Director: Rob Schmidt Writer: Tom Malloy Stars: […]
  • The Attic (2007)

     Watch Now Rent/Buy on Amazon WATCH NOW ON DISC Emma and her family are unhappy after moving to her house; one day she went to the attic and […]
  • Shooting Livien (2005)

    Watch Now Rent/Buy on Amazon A dark psychological drama, Shooting Livien explores the inner psyche of John Livien, a disillusioned New York musician who deals with […]
  • Missing in America (2005)

    On Disc Rent/Buy on Amazon A haunted Vietnam veteran (Danny Glover), living in exile in the forests of the Pacific Northwest, is faced with a life-changing […]
  • Brother to Brother (2004)

    Watch Now Rent/Buy on Amazon A drama that looks back on the Harlem Renaissance from the perspective of an elderly, black writer who meets a gay […]

  • Montauk (2020)

    Childhood friends set out to find treasure on a mysterious private island and discover the secrets behind the family who lives there. Watch Now https://pro.imdb.com/montauk Director: […]


Aimee Schoof and Isen Robbins co-founded Intrinsic Value Films and have since produced more than 35 feature films. Of those, ten have premiered at the Sundance Film Festival, four at the Tribeca Film Festival, three at SXSW, and one each at Toronto, Venice, New York FF, New Directors/ New Films, and Berlin, to name a few. The company develops, produces and sells independent films. Intrinsic's films have been distributed worldwide, have won many awards and been honored with numerous nominations. Accolades include winning the Sundance Special Grand Jury prize and six nominations each at both the Gotham and Independent Spirit awards.



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